Christopher is an engaging and content 16 month old boy with a lovely smile. He loves attention and cuddles. Christopher gives good eye contact and follows his foster carer around the room. He really enjoys music and play time and makes age appropriate sounds like ‘baa baa’. Recently he has started to pull himself along the floor and has learnt to roll over.

Christopher was born six weeks premature and spent the first six months of his life in neonatal intensive care unit due to his complex health needs. He has been with his current foster carer since he got out of hospital and is very settled.

Christopher has severe reflux. He is fed by a stomach tube which hopefully will be removed when his reflux ceases. He can manage pureed food and it is hoped he will move to solid food in the near future.

Christopher was born with a spinal condition but it is hoped this will not impact on his ability to walk. He also has some paralysis on the ride side of his body which restricts his movement. He receives daily physiotherapy and has made great progress as a result.

Christopher is making excellent progress in all areas of his development. He needs an adoptive family who have a realistic understanding of his needs and who will be committed to ensuring he receives the ongoing medical support he will need to reach his full potential.

He is a special little boy who deserves a special family.

It is envisaged that Christopher will have one direct contact and two indirect contacts per year with his birth parents and siblings.

A range of post adoption services will be available to support Christopher.