Susie is a five year old girl with blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a quiet nature. Susie is tall for her age and is very sporty. “We just dote on Susie. She’s a lovely, quiet child. She brings a great deal of joy to our lives,” says her foster carer.

Susie adores dressing up as a princess and often wants to go out and about in her fancy dress! She particularly likes to play with play dough and her Peppa Pig figures. Susie is a good eater, though it can be a struggle getting her to eat her breakfast. Her favourite foods are cheese sandwiches and Spaghetti Bolognese (the messier the better!).

Susie has developmental delay and receives additional support in class and in the playground. She has a statement of special educational needs. A recent school report said that Susie is making good progress and is able to concentrate for longer periods of time and achieve more with one to one support. She enjoys school and tries her best. Susie is popular with her peers and teacher.

Although she can appear confident, Susie is often timid and unsure of herself in new environments. She needs frequent reassurance from her foster carers and often seeks their approval.

Susie doesn’t like change, so her foster carers try to stick to a consistent daily routine which seems to work well for her. She has a good bedtime routine which includes having a bath, although she’s not so keen on having her hair washed!  Susie likes to snuggle up and watch ‘Little Bear’ on TV before listening to an audio story as she drifts off to sleep. Susie sleeps through the night and usually wakes around 7.00am.

Susie needs a one or two parent adoptive family who have some understanding of children with additional learning needs and who can help her achieve her potential.

It is envisaged Susie will have yearly direct contact with her birth mother and yearly indirect contact with her birth father.

Post adoption support services will be available.