Scaffold Programme (Sessions 1-7)

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Scaffold Programme (Sessions 1-7)
December 12, 2017 10:00 am
October 20, 2017


Participants should complete all 7 sessions

Dates:    12th December 2017, 20th & 27th February,
                 17th & 24th April, 12th & 20th June 2018
Time:      10am – 1pm
Venue:   Armagh Teachers Centre

Facilitators:   Trust Scaffold Service

Session 1: An introduction to Attachment & the Neurodevelopmental Model
Session 2: Child Development
Session 3: Child Development
Session 4: Attachment
Session 5: Trauma & Attachment
Session 6: The ARC Model
Session 7: The ARC Model

The purpose of this programme of training is to help foster carers develop their understanding of psychological issues relevant to Looked After Children. Training will focus initially on child development to help carers recognise young people’s strengths and needs and to help them identify areas where they can help young people with their personal development.

The focus will then move on to explore the areas of attachment, trauma and loss. This work will also consider brain development and how it can be affected by these negative experiences in childhood. The aim is to help carers understand how many of the difficult or challenging behaviours they might experience with young people are linked to the person’s past and their abilities to cope with aspects of life in the present.

Finally for this part of the training, a therapeutic model will be introduced that aims to help carers support young people who have experienced significant trauma and loss in their lives.