Angela Burns

19 year old Angela Burns who lives in Belfast has been fostered since the age of 6 months. As a young woman growing up in foster care, she explains how she hasn’t let it hold her back in realising her hopes and dreams.

“One of the biggest challenges growing up was trying to understand why I was in the situation I was, I found that one of the hardest things. But I had such a good support system with my foster parents.

I have never felt different. I didn’t feel like ‘I am a foster child in someone else’s family’, I felt like, ‘Hey, these are my family and I have another family. I’m just more special with two families’.

Last year when my birth father was terminally ill, my foster carers gave me the time and space to be with my dad. They were very accepting of the fact that although they have cared for me for years, I do have a birth family. I also made a big move to leaving home last year and coming to live with friends in Belfast so I could study for a HND in Bangor. My foster carers have helped me through so, so much.

I would say to anyone thinking of fostering to go and explore more. Given my experiences and how my life as been changed, I would say it is the most rewarding thing to do.”

Watch Angela’s video here.

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