Could you care for Louise and Peter?

Louise, aged 6 years and her brother Peter, aged 9 years, need a foster carer/s  so they can be cared for together in a nurturing home until they are grown up.

Louise is a 6 year old outgoing, funny little girl who loves the outdoors. She also enjoys playing indoors with her toys. Louise really enjoys going to school and particularly enjoys her friends. Louise requires the support of professionals to help develop her communication skills and can tire easily when walking. Louise gets on well with all her peers and has a great relationship with her older brother Peter.

Peter is a 9 year old boy who is very active and loves to play outdoors. Peter tries hard at school and is learning to develop relationships with his peers. He loves animals and enjoys helping to look after them. He needs love and assurance that he is safe. Peter loves spending time with his sister Louise.

Both Louise and Peter need foster carer/s who are willing to engage with professionals and work in partnership with a multidisciplinary team in order to meet the children’s current and future needs.

The South Eastern HSC Trust provides foster carers with social work support and ongoing training.

A Regional Emergency Social Work Service is available outside of office hours.

Monthly allowances will be paid to cover the costs of caring for Louise and Peter.

Given the complexities of these two children there will be a fee.

Could you offer Louise and Peter a loving home that provides stimulation, clear boundaries and structure, whilst at the same time remaining flexible enough to meet their evolving needs until they grow up?

If you would like to hear more about Louise and Peter or fostering in general, please contact Paul Teel – or Astrid Strohsahl –    Tel: 028 92 607528.

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