Could you foster Geoff?

Western Health and Social Care Trust

Geoff is a 10 year old boy. Geoff has sandy blonde hair and is of slim build. He is the middle child of 3 birth siblings and also has two half-siblings. 

Geoff currently resides in a short-term foster placement. Geoff struggles within his placement and can present as challenging where there are children of a similar age in the home. Therefore, Geoff would benefit from a home where he would be the only or youngest child.  

Geoff can express his affection for his carers and is generally well behaved.  He will require committed carers to provide a long-term home for him.

Geoff attends Primary School.  Geoff requires additional support within school in relation to English, Reading and Mathematics and he benefits from having Classroom Assistant. Geoff enjoys spending time with his peers within school and generally gets on well with others.  Geoff will require foster parents who can help and encourage him with his homework.

Geoff enjoys playing on the Xbox and is very interested in playing computer games such as Minecraft for example. Geoff enjoys spending time with children the same age and who share similar interests such as playing computer games and watching television.  

Geoff is also very active and enjoys sports in and outside of school. Geoff typically enjoys running, playing football and swimming.

Currently, Geoff attends contact with his mother and siblings. Geoff loves his mummy and enjoys contact when it occurs.

Health and Social Care (HSC) foster carers receive on-going training, 24 hour social work support and financial allowances.

If you would like to hear more about Geoff or fostering in general, please contact Dympna Brogan, Fostering Recruitment Team Manager, on 028 7131 4244 / 028 8283 5264 or email