Could you foster Jack?

Western Health and Social Care Trust

Jack is 10 years old and is the second eldest child of a sibling group of four.

He lived with extended family initially but this didn’t work out. He was moved to a foster placement with a family who have four daughters, aged 5-14. It is a busy family home but his individual needs and sense of belonging are difficult to meet in this environment.

Jack enjoys good general health.  He wears glasses as he is short-sighted and has a moderate stigmatization.

Jack generally very talkative, pleasant, full of life and is usually smiling and eager to please.  However, he does not like to talk about what is happening to him and it is concerning that he has been found crying alone. He has had a highly emotional response to disappointment at times and has required support with this to return to being his cheery self. Jack may need therapeutic support to help him understand what is happening to him. Jack would benefit from a stable home environment with the potential to provide him with long-term care in order to avoid any further moves and promote the development of a secure attachment relationship with a carer to feel safe enough to address and recover from the trauma he has experienced to date.

Jack enjoys playing games on his tablet and making crafts. 

He loves to play with hair and would like to be a hairdresser when he grows up.  Jack is also a very tactile child.

Jack is in Primary 6.  He enjoys school very much and is always eager to go in the mornings. He is motivated to complete his homework as soon as he returns to his Placement or during Contact with his mum.

Jack particularly enjoys Art and Maths. He does have some difficulties academically and is not able to keep up with his peers in terms of literacy and numeracy. Jack is availing of support in relation to this. 

Jack enjoys doing group activities and enjoys weekend residential as part of a group he is involved with.  He is enthusiastic, sociable and there have been no issues regarding his behaviour while within a group.

Jack enjoys spending time with his brothers and they enjoy playing video games together. He has a close relationship with his three brothers and misses them.

Jack has a close relationship with his maternal extended family and his current Placement has enabled him to remain part of that extended family unit. Contact with maternal family is very important to him.

Health and Social Care (HSC) foster carers receive on-going training, 24 hour social work support and financial allowances.

If you would like to hear more about Jack or fostering in general, please contact Dympna Brogan, Fostering Recruitment Team Manager, on 028 7131 4244 / 028 8283 5264 or email