Could you be Harry’s full time carer/s?


Harry is a 10 year old boy who enjoys good physical health.

Harry has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and associated Intellectual Disability. Harry has no verbal communication however can understand basic words and instructions.

Harry attends a Special School and has a Statement of Special Educational Needs. Harry likes to have a structured routine. He uses visual schedules to help him understand his daily activities.

Harry is a very pleasant and affectionate young boy who likes being helpful.  He enjoys opportunities to tidy up and put away his clothes/ belongings as well as prepare food and bake in the kitchen.

Harry LOVES playing with water and bubbles. He also like flashing lights and soft toys. To feel relaxed, Harry enjoys having his head and feet massaged.

Harry enjoys painting and loves to play throw and catch, especially with balloons. He enjoys going to new places, being outdoors and going to the park to play on the swing and slide.

Harry requires full-time care. He needs carers who can provide him with love, care and attention.

Carers will receive £36,000 per annum* in addition to foster care allowances. Carers will receive ongoing support and training.  *the agreed fee is child-specific to Harry’s needs.

For more information or to register your interest, please contact Family Placement Team on: 028 37 560 750, Email fostering&

The Trust welcomes all enquiries regardless of race, religion, language, culture, gender, disability, age and sexual orientation.