Mother and Baby Scheme

About the Scheme
The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust are in need of professional foster carer(s) with the time and energy to assist and support a teenage mother in providing care for her and her baby.

Who can apply?
This scheme requires providing a full time placement for mother and baby in the carer’s home. Due to the nature of this role there would need to be a carer who is not out at work, as they will be required to be available to provide care throughout the day.

What will I receive?
The Trust provides foster carers with monthly social work support and ongoing training. In this case specific mother and baby training will be provided. Therapeutic and consultation support services will be available for carers. A Regional Fostering telephone helpline is available outside office hours.
Monthly allowances will be paid as appropriate. In addition foster carers will be paid a fee of £18,000 per annum.

If you would like to know more about becoming a mother and baby foster carer, please contact:

Paul Teer or Jillian Dalton, Fostering Recruitment and Assessment Team. Telephone (028) 9260 7528 / (028) 9127 0672 or Email to or