April and David Evans

Northern Trust foster carersDavid and April Evans, foster carers

We have been approved as respite foster carers from August 2010. We have four children of our own, three boys aged 13, 11 and 10 and a six year old girl.

We liked the idea of fostering even before we were married, but only when our youngest child was approaching primary school age did we consider pursuing it further.

To date we have fostered eight children, ranging from a few hours in the day to week long stays, but generally offering weekend respite.

Our most recent placement was with two siblings aged four and two years, who were coming regularly for about a year. We enjoyed seeing the children mature and looked forward to their weekend visits.

We worried initially how our family would react to extra children in the house, especially our daughter! But we needn’t have worried because, in fact, out of them all, she has adapted exceptionally well and only gets a little upset when they leave or patiently waits for them to return.

The boys do enjoy the company of other children but also like having the times when it is just them for individual attention. That is why we feel at the moment that respite fostering works well for us.

Fostering is challenging at times, but you also get a great deal of satisfaction from doing it. When you can see the difference you are making in the lives of vulnerable children, then it becomes totally worthwhile.