Bridget and Albert

Southern Trust foster carersBridget and Albert - Southern Trust foster carers

Tyrone couple Bridget and Albert had been thinking about fostering for a long time and were inspired by the television advertisement of the little boy arriving at the foster carer’s home.

Bridget explains: “That advertisement made me think seriously about fostering. Albert and I have five children and two grandchildren of our own but we wish we had started fostering years ago. The benefits outweigh any disadvantages especially when we see how happy and contented the children are in our home. I am content to be at home and Albert and I will foster for as long as we can. It is very rewarding and we would recommend it to anyone who is able to help a child.”

Bridget and Albert attended the Skills To Foster course where they learnt more about foster care.  “We completed our application form and were assigned a social worker who was really easy to talk to and very supportive during our assessment,” says Bridget. “We are presently caring for two children who will stay with us on a long-term basis.”

Albert, who is a fisherman on Lough Neagh, adds: “I didn’t really consider fostering. When Bridget and I talked about what it would mean for us, our family and the children who would benefit from coming to our home, I was keen and supportive. Each child has their own personality but it’s great to see the change and the development over time. We treat them as our own children. Fostering is our way of life and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”