The Garret Family

South Eastern Trust foster carers

“What a privilege to pour love into her little life, to have her as part of our family.”

The Garret family foster for the South Eastern Trust and share their story below.Garret Family

“When we foster we get to play a part in the life story of a child or young person. Sometimes that child moves on to the next part of their story and we the foster carer know nothing of the conclusion. However, sometimes we get to see the more permanent conclusion in a child’s life.

One September evening last year, just a few minutes after midnight a baby girl arrived in our home. She was in her baby seat sound asleep, almost translucent in appearance, completely dependent on our care. As emergency foster carers at that time it was thought that this little one would stay in our home for a few nights before moving on. How wrong we were to think this, because she was set to stay with us right through until past the middle of April 2015. In that time we would see her through colic; sleepless nights; teething; learning to smile and laugh; move and crawl; all the stages from 7 weeks to 9 months. What a privilege to pour love into her little life, to have her as part of our family.

However, as the weeks and months passed our desire to see this baby settled in a permanent, stable and loving home grew. Her happiness and security became of paramount importance to us. Another of the wonderful privileges of fostering is not just involvement with the child in your care, but getting to know the child’s wider family circle. In this story that we were caught up in, we began to see that there was so much love within her own family circle and there were those capable of providing a home for her. Could a happy ending be found for her right at the heart of her own birth family? We as foster carers became convinced that it could be, but is this how everyone else in the case would see it? We know that as foster carers we are always part of a team.

Then almost 8 months after we became a part of this little life we had the joy of transporting her to a more permanent solution within her extended family. Happy endings to stories still exist and through fostering we had been allowed to be a part of it.”

The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust provides foster carers with social work support and training.  A Regional Emergency Social Work Service is available outside of office hours.  Monthly allowances are paid to foster carers to cover the cost of caring for a child/children.

The South Eastern Trust are currently recruiting foster carers for respite, short term and long term care of children aged 0 – 18 years. We are also recruiting foster carers for sibling groups and children with disabilities. If you would like to hear more about Fostering please contact Gillian Chesney, Fostering Recruitment and Assessment Team, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust on (028) 91270672 or email on You can also enquire online.