Glenn’s experiences in care

Glenn McCullough was fostered by the Boyle family from the age of six until 17. Here he talks about his experiences in foster care:

I came to stay with Linda and Sam when I was six and a half. At first I just stayed at weekends. I was in a children’s home in Belfast at the time and I wanted to finish my year at school there first.

I really loved the country life. Linda would take me out to horse events and hunts, she got me involved with helping with the camera and videoing the events for the horse club they belonged to. Her sons had scrambler bikes and I was always following them around tinkering with the bikes. I loved it.Glenn McCullough with foster carer, Linda Boyle

There were times when I was quite rebellious and I’m sure I really pushed it with Linda and Sam. For a long time when I was growing up I wanted to return to my own birth family. At times that was pretty unsettling for us.

I did quite well at school. I left with some good qualifications and got into a career in HGV logistics. I’m in management now with a logistics firm and doing a management qualification. I’m married now with my own home, a nice big car and I even own a bit of land. Life is good.

Only a few years ago I thanked Linda and Sam. I told them I only wanted to get home when I was in foster care. I didn’t see any point in being with them. But I’ve a wife and career now, and a lot of achievements. I owed them a big thanks. Sam shook my hand, he told me it was a pleasure to bring me up.