Kinship Foster Care Resource

The Kinship Foster Care Resource was developed by the Regional Adoption and Fostering Service in partnership with existing kinship foster carers, staff from the 5 HSC Trusts and VOYPIC (Voice of Young People in Care).

The resource is an essential guide for all Kinship Foster Carers, those who are at the beginning of the process and those who are experienced carers.  It is a comprehensive Resource set out in a practical way to enable information be given at key stages for those starting out on the journey of becoming Kinship Foster Carers, and is a good reference point to return to for a specific piece of information.  It is not meant to be read in totality.  The video presentations are existing Kinship Foster Carers sharing their experience and expertise.

The resource can be accessed by viewing sections in a prezi or by downloading sections as a PDF.

To view a prezi, you need to ensure you have Adobe Flash Player 11.1 or higher installed on your computer.


A prezi is an electronic presentation. There are 10 prezi’s included in this resource and some include video clips. Feel free to flick through these at your own pace.

We hope you find them useful.

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The resource is also available in 10 PDF files, which you can download and print off if you need. There are no video clips included in this format.

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Throughout the prezi’s you will hear from Peter and Sharon, Michelle and Margaret - kinship foster carers. Alison shares her experiences of living in kinship foster care and Katy and Lawrence are social workers.