Norman and Janice Irwin

Northern Trust foster carers

People from all walks of life do foster

Norman and Janice Irwin are foster carers for Northern HSC Trust.

They share some of the positives of being HSC foster carers below:

“Why do we foster?  Simple answer….we both love children. Our sons are adults and have left home. We felt we had the time, space and love to give to a child/children less fortunate than our sons. We found the process of becoming a foster carer quite daunting as our lives were scrutinised thoroughly, however we totally understand the importance of this. Having a child is such a huge responsibility so the Trust need to get it right!!

Fostering enables you to make a positive difference to a child’s life. It can challenge you, as it requires time, effort and total commitment however to see a child thriving, gaining confidence and being happy makes it so worth it. Even if the child is only with you for a short time, it is a wonderful feeling to see them happy and it also gives you the chance to gain more experience/knowledge to take to the next placement.”

To find out more about becoming a valued HSC foster carer, call Regional Adoption and Fostering Service on 0800 0720 137 who will put you in touch with your local HSC Trust. Alternatively you can enquire online.