STAY Scheme

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STAY Scheme (Supported Temporary Accommodation for Youth)

Supported Lodgings in the Southern Health & Social Care Trust (SHSCT) Area

What is Supported Lodgings?

Supported Lodgings in the SHSCT area provides temporary accommodation to young people in need who are unable to remain with their own families.  It is a way of providing a safe, secure environment for young people to develop their independent living skills within a family setting. The STAY Scheme is for young people aged 16-17 at time of referral, who are either homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or who are young people who have been in or are leaving care.  One of the great strengths of the supported lodgings model is its flexibility to meet the accommodation and support needs of young people at the various stages of their transition towards independence. The STAY Scheme is managed within the Young People’s Partnership (YPP) which is the community adolescence service for the SHSCT area.

Who can become a Supported Lodgings Host?

STAY Hosts can be individuals or couples over the age of 25 (with or without a family) who have a spare room in their home, whether they are a tenant or home owner. There are no limits to who can apply to be a STAY Host on grounds of culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, religious or sexual orientation. STAY Hosts must have an interest and concern for the welfare of young people.

What is the Supported Lodgings Host asked to provide?

The STAY Host works alongside the named Social Worker in supporting the young person and will be expected to provide the young person with sole use of a bedroom, use of kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities and access to communal areas. Supported Lodgings also includes providing food for the young person as well as practical and emotional support when needed. STAY Hosts contribute to the general support plan, including review meetings, and are required to complete mandatory and ongoing training and development.

Assessing and Approving Hosts

The purpose of an assessment is to select Hosts who can provide safe, secure accommodation and who will provide support to vulnerable young people during their placement, helping them develop the skills needed to live independently. An assessment is completed, including character references and Access NI checks of all prospective Hosts and any other relevant individuals living in the Host’s home. STAY Hosts are approved by a panel comprised of representatives from SHSCT and NIHE, with re-approval at regular intervals.

What are the benefits of becoming a Supported Lodgings Host?

Being a STAY Host is a rewarding role, which can be carried out alongside any existing employment. You will receive a weekly allowance towards supporting a young person. You will be provided with relevant ongoing training and development opportunities. You will be supported and managed by the STAY Scheme Co-ordinator alongside SHSCT Social Work support during office hours and Regional Emergency Social Work (RESWS) if needed at other times.

How do I apply?

Contact Christine Thomas, STAY Scheme Co-ordinator, at the Young People’s Partnership on the details below.  Christine will take some initial information from you and forward to you an information pack.

Christine Thomas, STAY Scheme Co-ordinator

Young People’s Partnership, SHSCT, 2 Old Lurgan Road, Bocombra Lodge, Portadown, BT63 5SG E

T. 028 3839 1155