Valerie and David

South Eastern Trust foster carers

Foster Carers Valerie and David 

We are Valerie & David, Foster Carers for the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust.  We are parents to 5 adult children and grandparents to 6 children.  Fostering started for us in 1993 when we first became Foster Carers.  We then adopted two children that we had been Fostering and decided with 5 children at home we would step away from Fostering. 

After a break of over 10 years we decided that being in our 60s and having space at home and time we would approach the South Eastern Trust to see if they needed us to help out with Fostering again.  We were met with support from the Trust as they valued our experience as parents and maturity in life.

We went on a training course, undertook a Fostering Assessment and are now approved as Foster Carers.  We currently have two children, siblings under 4 years old placed with us on a short term basis.  We feel it is important to be able to offer a placement to siblings as they may have been separated if we could not care for them both.

In our retirement we feel we have so much more to give, we have time, space and life experience.  We are enjoying the new lease of life that Fostering is offering us.  We are met with challenges every day but the rewards far exceed these!

People sometimes ask what is the upper age limit to apply to Foster?… there isn’t one.  You need to be in good general health with the time and energy to provide care to a child.  Retired?  Why not apply to Foster!  We did!

To find out more about becoming a valued HSC foster carer, call Regional Adoption and Fostering Service on 0800 0720 137 who will put you in touch with your local HSC Trust. Alternatively you can enquire online.