Who can foster?

You may apply to foster:

  • Whatever your marital status
  • Whatever your sexual orientation
  • Whatever your religious / cultural or ethnic background
  • Whether you have a disability or medical condition – provided it is stable and does not affect your ability to care for a child / young person
  • Even if you already have children of your own – provided your children are happy to accept a foster child / young person into your home
  • Whether or not you work – there are different types of foster care to suit a wide range of employment circumstances
  • Whether you are retired – provided you are healthy and have plenty of energy to help children / young people for a reasonable period into the future
  • Whether your own childhood was difficult – provided you have been able to reflect on the experience and can now use this in a positive way to help children / young people.

It is essential that:

  •  You enjoy the company of children and young people
  •  A child / young person has their own bed in your home
  •  You do not have a police record for violence or sexual   offences
  •  You attend training courses designed to help foster           carers in the important work that they do
  •  You are available to meet with all the people involved in   the child / young person’s life.

We welcome enquiries irrespective of your race, religion, language, culture, gender, disability, age, and sexual orientation.