Ruth and William

Southern Trust foster carersRuth and William

Ruth and William from Banbridge had been thinking about fostering for a long time and were inspired by a newspaper article about another couple who foster.

Ruth explains: “Like many people, William and I had been thinking about becoming foster carers for a number of years. It was an article in the local paper in April 2012 that prompted me to call the Family Placement Team as we thought it was something we would like to do. We felt we had the time and space in our lives to provide a child with a nurturing home.”

After an initial visit from a social worker, the couple completed forms and attended a Skills To Foster course where they learnt more about the fostering ‘process’.

“Our social worker was easy to talk to and the meetings we had were very informal,” says Ruth. “The course was very interesting and we heard about the experiences of foster carers who were already looking after children. It was reassuring that the social worker offers so much ongoing support. We were assigned our own social worker who came to see us individually over a four-month period.”

During those four months, Ruth and William were asked to write about their lives.

William says: “I wrote a couple of pages of the major events in my life but Ruth found the experience enjoyable and therapeutic and wrote 24 pages.”

Since becoming foster carers, Ruth and William are enjoying caring for a child and they have attended other training organised by the Family Placement Team.  Ruth has also spoken to other potential fostercarers during a Skills To Foster course.

“We wouldn’t change a thing,” adds William. “Life is busy but Ruth ensures we’re organised and the child is part of our family and our wider family. Everything has fallen into place for our family.”