Training & Support

Training and development is an integral part of becoming HSC foster carers and adopters, helping us recruit and retain motivated, skilled and reflective individuals and families to care for our children and young people.

Prospective carers and adopters embrace training at the fostering pre approval and preparation to adopt stage and largely accept this as part of the journey to becoming a foster carer or adopter.

Forthcoming preapproval fostering courses in your area can be viewed here.  For details of how to attend this training please contact your local recruitment team.

Click here to find out more about preparation to adopt courses

Regionally we are committed to creating a united training culture beyond preparation training and are endeavouring to provide our foster carers and adopters with a comprehensive range of training that will help to address some of challenges faced in their new role.

Fostering and adoption can be challenging, we therefore encourage foster carers and adopters to have a network of family, friends and community services. This will help to supplement the regular, formal support provided by your local Trust.

Find a support group in your area for fostering or adoption

This section will highlight the varied ways to access training and support throughout your journey as a foster carer or adopter.

NB:  All information on nominees for training will be forwarded to the Regional Adoption and Fostering Service (RAFS) for identifying training profiles.