E Learning

Attendance at training courses brings many benefits, not just the acquisition of new skills or knowledge but the opportunity to build confidence in your role as carers. Carers often comment on the benefits of meeting other carers who may be dealing with similar situations and the group experience can provide valuable learning for all involved – including social work staff.

However, if you have difficulty attending group training and have basic IT skills, computer and an email address, you could access some the many courses available online. Many of these courses are basic introductory courses requiring up to 10 hours to complete so are most useful for newly approved carers.

The beauty of electronic learning is that you can work on it at your pace and you can dip in and out as often as you like.

eLearning Programmes

Take a look at the eLearning programmes available to you. Learn in your own home and at a time that suits you.

Mobile Apps

More and more individuals are using technology to support their work and develop their knowledge. Mobile Apps are useful tools for delivering training and enhancing learning in a flexible, efficient way.


View the range of informative free online seminars (webinars).

Short Videos

Some short Youtube video clips that foster carers may find useful, topics include tax and child safety online.