eLearning Programmes

Caring for Vulnerable Children

This eLearning programme will help develop an understanding of some of the approaches involved in caring for vulnerable children, with this free online course.

HMRC eLearning package

This simple free eLearning course is useful for any foster carers who have concerns about Income Tax, National Insurance, business records and expenses (maximum 2 hours)

SexeLearning Programme

This eLearning Programme is designed for professionals or those who wish to develop their awareness of key issues in sexual health promotion. It will assist in delivering consistent sexual health education, advice and support in a manner that positively supports the sexual and emotional health of young people under 25.

LBGT Creating Inclusive Workplaces

This eLearning programme is applicable to all workplaces and aims to highlight barriers associated with disclosure of sexual orientation and/or gender identity in the workplace. It aids understanding of LGB&T awareness within the workplace will help create a more welcoming, safe and productive work environment.