Let’s Learn Together
A Guide for Parents and Teachers of Adopted Children in Primary School in Northern Ireland
available for download from Adoption UK

Learning the Dance of Attachment
by Holly van Gulden

A Child’s Journey through Placement
by Vera Fahlberg

Attachment, Trauma and Resilience
by Kate Cairns

Bubble Wrapped Children
by  Helen Oakwater

Building the Bonds of Attachment
by  Daniel Hughes

Trauma through a child’s Eyes
by Peter Levine

Adopting a brother or sister
by Heidi Argent

Inter Country Adoption – Developments, Trends and Perspective
by Peter Selman

Adopting a Child (9th edition)
by Jennifer Lord

Windows to our Children
by Violet Oaklander

The Secret of Happy Children
by Steve Biddulph

I wish I had been born from you
by Karen Lomas

What to expect when you’re Adopting – a practical guide to the decisions and emotions involved in adoption
by Dr Ian Palmer

One of the Family – A Handbook for Kinship Carers
by Heidi Argent

If you don’t stick with me who will? The challenges and rewards of Foster Care
by Henrietta Bond

Gay and Lesbian Fostering and Adoption – extraordinary yet ordinary
by Stephen Hicks and Janet McDermot

Novels and Films
Lilly Alone
by Jacqueline Wilson

The Story of Tracey Beaker
by Jacqueline Wilson

Long way Home
by Michael Morpurgo

Good Will Hunting
by William Goldman